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A message from Angelo Robinson

Hoop Club Kapiti founder and Head Coach Angelo Robinson is passionate about this junior coaching programme and the development of our youth on the Kapiti Coast:

Through my experience of growing up in the USA and as a player and coach of professional basketball in New Zealand, I understand how important it is to develop a player’s abilities at an early age. These abilities, be they in a leadership role, sportsmanship, team play or just safe and healthy fun need to be developed within the support of the club structure, to help along the path our children take in basketball and life.

"My aim in starting up Hoop Club here on the Kapiti Coast was that I have wanted any child/young adult to have the opportunity no matter, their skill. background, culture, ability to be part of a safe and nurturing environment where they were able to learn basketball skills as well as life skills. A lot of which is based on my own experiences growing up in the USA – with an absent father and a mother having to raise 8 children by herself.

We are about letting any kid who wants to dream big to live that dream, whether it is high school, university, or the pros - those dreams can be realised with hard work, determination and respect. Anything is possible. Look at Steven Adams, a product of our sister club in Wellington. He realised his dream by playing in the NBA. The Hoop Club programme gave him that pathway.

Hoop Club Kapiti covers every aspect of Basketball from 5 - 17 years old, back to basic skills & drills, coaching, refereeing, score bench, Mother's Day games, Father Day games, and Family Picnic. We are also about giving any kid, no matter what ethnic or socio-economic background, the chance to make their dreams come true.

I am proud of the fact that over the last 26 years, Hoop Club have had basketballers play at every level in NZ. We have seen 1000s of very successful basketball player’s transition through Hoop Club, not only as basketballers but as student athletes that have made a success of their lives. And we are continuing to grow so much that we are running out of court space. We hope that a new multi-sports facility will come in time, to help accommodate the growth and the needs of our community.

Hoop Club is a platform to allow kids to form and realise their dreams. We know kids dreams vary, they could be to play in the USA or simply to make Mum and Dad proud by winning player of the day. Irrespective of that dream, whether big or small, Hoop Club is here to allow kids to live their DREAM."

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Our Story

Hoop Club was formed in September 1996 by Kenny McFadden (Hoop Club Wellington) Terry Stallworth (Hoop Club Hutt Valley & Angelo Robinson (Hoop Club Kapiti). The concept was formed through a collective passion for the game and a recognition that basketball in the Greater Wellington Region lacked a structured and inclusive basketball development programme for children aged 5-17. Angelo Robinson moved to Kapiti in 1996 and seized the opportunity on behalf of the Kapiti community to create the local structure required and formed Hoop Club Kapiti. Hoop Club Kapiti is a local basketball club proud to serve the community on the Kapiti Coast.  Hoop Club is a family club and the primary aim is to provide opportunities for basketball players and supporters of all ages and levels to participate in the sport in a positive atmosphere. One that emphasises and fosters sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, self-improvement, life skills and respect for others. The environment set is designed to be friendly and encouraging to build confidence, increasing self-development, improve health and wellbeing, and of course improve their ability to play basketball. Hoop Club Kapiti teaches skills from basic level right through to advanced levels. Hoop Club Kapiti offers a club structure and a comprehensive programme that enables children to learn and participate in not only basketball skills but also important life skills. The main emphasis is on grass roots development, “Back to Basics” and allowing all players from any background, ability or culture, the chance to participate in the game and the programme. The club is run every Sunday morning throughout the school year at the Paraparaumu College Community Sportshall, Mazengarb Road, Paraparaumu.. The programme has grown and developed over the years and has worked with thousands of children and young adults through its 26 years of existence. Over the last few years Hoop Club Kapiti have had numerous individual and collective successes. In the past five years 20 Hoop Club Kapiti players have made the New Zealand Basketball Academy age group teams to Las Vegas USA. Many players also go on to BBNZ representative level age group teams and a recent Hoop Club graduate is currently on a full basketball scholarship at Seattle University, USA.

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